LTE + NR Dual Connectivity

DC frequency bands 38.101-3 (Rel 15 Sept 2018)

Dual connectivity (DC) band combinations of LTE + NR carriers

eNb gNb LTE carrier 5G carrier Carrier aggregated data pipe Dual Carriers

Intra-band contiguous EN-DC

All bands
EN-DC band E-UTRA band NR band Single UL allowed
DC_(n)41 41 n41 Yes
DC_(n)71 71 n71 No
Nb = 2

Intra-band non-contiguous EN-DC

All bands
EN-DC band E-UTRA band NR band Single UL allowed
DC_3_n3 3 n3 Yes
DC_41_n41 41 n41 Yes
Nb = 2

Inter-band EN-DC within FR1 (two bands)

All bands
EN-DC band E-UTRA band NR band Single UL allowed
DC_1_n28 1 n28 No
DC_1_n40 1 n40 No
DC_1_n51 1 n51 No
DC_1_n77 1 n77 DC_1_n77
DC_1_n78 1 n78 No
DC_1_n79 1 n79 No
DC_2_n5 2 n5 No
DC_2_n66 2 n66 DC_2_n66
DC_2_n71 2 n71 No
DC_2_n78 2 n78 DC_2_n78
DC_3_n7 3 n7 No
DC_3_n28 3 n28 No
DC_3_n40 3 n40 No
DC_3_n51 3 n51 No
DC_3_n77 3 n77 DC_3_n77
DC_3_n78 3 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_3_n79 3 n79 No
DC_5_n40 5 n40 No
DC_5_n66 5 n66 DC_5_n66
DC_5_n78 5 n78 No
DC_7_n28 7 n28 No
DC_7_n51 7 n51 No
DC_7_n78 7 n78 No
DC_7-7_n78 CA_7-7 n78 No
DC_8_n40 8 n40 No
DC_8_n77 8 n77 No
DC_8_n78 8 n78 No
DC_8_n79 8 n79 No
DC_11_n77 11 n77 No
DC_11_n78 11 n78 No
DC_11_n79 11 n79 No
DC_12_n5 12 n5 No
DC_12_n66 12 n66 No
DC_18_n77 18 n77 No
DC_18_n78 18 n78 No
DC_18_n79 18 n79 No
DC_19_n77 19 n77 No
DC_19_n78 19 n78 No
DC_19_n79 19 n79 No
DC_20_n8 20 n8 DC_20_n8
DC_20_n28 20 n28 No
DC_20_n51 20 n51 No
DC_20_n77 20 n77 No
DC_20_n78 20 n78 No
DC_21_n77 21 n77 No
DC_21_n78 21 n78 No
DC_21_n79 21 n79 No
DC_25_n41 25 n41 No
DC_26_n41 26 n41 No
DC_26_n77 26 n77 No
DC_26_n78 26 n78 No
DC_26_n79 26 n79 No
DC_28_n51 28 n51 No
DC_28_n77 28 n77 No
DC_28_n78 28 n78 No
DC_28_n79 28 n79 No
DC_30_n5 30 n5 No
DC_30_n66 30 n66 No
DC_38_n78 38 n78 No
DC_39_n78 39 n78 No
DC_39_n79 39 n79 No
DC_40_n77 40 n77 No
DC_41_n77 41 n77 No
DC_41_n78 41 n78 No
DC_41_n79 41 n79 No
DC_42_n51 42 n51 No
DC_42_n77 42 n77 No
DC_42_n78 42 n78 No
DC_42_n79 42 n79 No
DC_66_n5 66 n5 DC_66_n5
DC_66_n71 66 n71 No
DC_66_n78 66 n78 No
Nb = 72

Inter-band EN-DC within FR1 (three bands)

All bands
EN-DC band E-UTRA band NR band Single UL allowed
DC_1-3_n28 CA_1-3 n28 No
DC_1-3_n77 CA_1-3 n77 DC_1_n77
DC_1-3_n78 CA_1-3 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_1-3_n79 CA_1-3 n79 No
DC_1-5_n78 CA_1-5 n78 No
DC_1-7_n28 CA_1-7 n28 No
DC_1-7_n78 CA_1-7 n78 No
DC_1-7-7_n78 CA_1-7-7 n78 No
DC_1-8_n78 CA_1-8 n78 No
DC_1-18_n77 CA_1-18 n77 No
DC_1-18_n78 CA_1-18 n78 No
DC_1-18_n79 CA_1-18 n79 No
DC_1-19_n77 CA_1-19 n77 DC_1_n77
DC_1-19_n78 CA_1-19 n78 No
DC_1-19_n79 CA_1-19 n79 No
DC_1-20_n28 CA_1-20 n28 No
DC_1-20_n78 CA_1-20 n78 No
DC_1-21_n77 CA_1-21 n77 DC_1_n77
DC_1-21_n78 CA_1-21 n78 No
DC_1-21_n79 CA_1-21 n79 No
DC_1-28_n77 CA_1-28 n77 No
DC_1-28_n78 CA_1-28 n78 No
DC_1-28_n79 CA_1-28 n79 No
DC_1_n28-n78 1 CA_n28-n78 No
DC_1_n77-n79 1 CA_n77-n79 No
DC_1_n78-n79 1 CA_n78-n79 No
DC_1-41_n77 CA_1-41 n77 No
DC_1-41_n78 CA_1-41 n78 No
DC_1-41_n79 CA_1-41 n79 No
DC_1-42_n77 CA_1-42 n77 DC_1_n77
DC_1-42_n78 CA_1-42 n78 No
DC_1-42_n79 CA_1-42 n79 No
DC_1_SUL_n78-n84 1 SUL_n78-n84 No
DC_2-5_n66 CA_2-5 n66 No
DC_2-12_n66 CA_2-12 n66 No
DC_2-30_n66 CA_2-30 n66 No
DC_2-(n)71 CA_2-71 n71 No
DC_2-66_n71 CA_2-66 n71 No
DC_3_n3-n77 3 CA_n3-n77 DC_3_n3
DC_3_n3-n78 3 CA_n3-n78 DC_3_n3
DC_3-5_n78 CA_3-5 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_3-7_n28 CA_3-7 n28 No
DC_3-7_n78 CA_3-7 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_3-7-7_n78 CA_3-7-7 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_3-19_n77 CA_3-19 n77 No
DC_3-19_n78 CA_3-19 n78 No
DC_3-19_n79 CA_3-19 n79 No
DC_3-20_n28 CA_3-20 n28 No
DC_3-20_n78 CA_3-20 n78 No
DC_3-21_n77 CA_3-21 n77 No
DC_3-21_n78 CA_3-21 n78 No
DC_3-21_n79 CA_3-21 n79 No
DC_3-28_n78 CA_3-28 n78 No
DC_3_n28-n78 3 CA_n28-n78 DC_3_n78
DC_3-38_n78 CA_3-38 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_3-41_n78 CA_3-41 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_3-42_n77 CA_3-42 n77 DC_3_n77
DC_3-42_n78 CA_3-42 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_3-42_n79 CA_3-42 n79 No
DC_3_n77-n79 3 CA_n77-n79 No
DC_3_n78-n79 3 CA_n78-n79 No
DC_3_SUL_n78-n80 3 SUL_n78-n80 DC_3_n78
DC_3_SUL_n78-n82 3 SUL_n78-n82 DC_3_n78
DC_3_SUL_n79-n80 3 SUL_n79-n80 No
DC_5-7-7_n78 CA_5-7-7 n78 No
DC_5-7_n78 CA_5-7 n78 No
DC_5-30_n66 CA_5-30 n66 No
DC_7-7_n78 CA_7-7 n78 No
DC_7-20_n28 CA_7-20 n28 No
DC_7-20_n78 CA_7-20 n78 No
DC_7-28_n78 CA_7-28 n78 No
DC_7_n28-n78 7 CA_n28-n78 No
DC_7_n78 CA_7 n78 No
DC_7-46_n78 CA_7-46 n78 No
DC_8_SUL_n78-n81 8 SUL_n78-n81 No
DC_8_SUL_n79-n81 8 SUL_n79-n81 No
DC_12-30_n66 CA_12-30 n66 No
DC_18-28_n77 CA_18-28 n77 No
DC_18-28_n78 CA_18-28 n78 No
DC_18-28_n79 CA_18-28 n79 No
DC_19-21_n77 CA_19-21 n77 No
DC_19-21_n78 CA_19-21 n78 No
DC_19-21_n79 CA_19-21 n79 No
DC_19-42_n77 CA_19-42 n77 No
DC_19-42_n78 CA_19-42 n78 No
DC_19-42_n79 CA_19-42 n79 No
DC_19_n77-n79 19 CA_n77-n79 No
DC_19_n78-n79 19 CA_n78-n79 No
DC_20_n8-n75 20 CA_n8-n75 DC_20_n8
DC_20_n28-n75 20 CA_n28-n75 No
DC_20_n28-n78 20 CA_n28-n78 No
DC_20_n75-n78 20 CA_n75-n78 No
DC_20_n76-n78 20 CA_n76-n78 No
DC_20_SUL_n78-n82 20 SUL_n78-n82 No
DC_20_SUL_n78-n83 20 SUL_n78-n83 No
DC_21-42_n77 CA_21-42 n77 No
DC_21-42_n78 CA_21-42 n78 No
DC_21-42_n79 CA_21-42 n79 No
DC_21_n77-n79 21 CA_n77-n79 No
DC_21_n78-n79 21 CA_n78-n79 No
DC_28-42_n77 CA_28-42 n77 No
DC_28-42_n78 CA_28-42 n78 No
DC_28-42_n79 CA_28-42 n79 No
DC_28_SUL_n78-n83 28 SUL_n78-n83 No
DC_41-42_n77 CA_41-42 n77 No
DC_41-42_n78 CA_41-42 n78 No
DC_41-42_n79 CA_41-42 n79 No
DC_41_n77 CA_41 n77 No
DC_41_n78 CA_41 n78 No
DC_41_n79 CA_41 n79 No
DC_42_n77 CA_42 n77 No
DC_42_n78 CA_42 n78 No
DC_42_n79 CA_42 n79 No
DC_66_(n)71 CA_66-71 n71 No
DC_66_SUL_n78-n86 66 SUL_n78-n86 DC_66_n78
Nb = 115

Inter-band EN-DC within FR1 (four bands)

All bands
EN-DC band E-UTRA band NR band Single UL allowed
DC_1-3-5_n78 CA_1-3-5 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_1-3-7_n28 CA_1-3-7 n28 No
DC_1-3-7_n78 CA_1-3-7 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_1-3-7-7_n78 CA_1-3-7-7 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_1-3-8_n78 CA_1-3-8 n78 No
DC_1-3-28_n77 CA_1-3-28 n77 No
DC_1-3-28_n78 CA_1-3-28 n78 No
DC_1-3_n28-n78 CA_1-3 CA_n28-n78 DC_3_n78
DC_1-3-28_n79 CA_1-3-28 n79 No
DC_1-3-19_n77 CA_1-3-19 n77 DC_1_n77
DC_1-3-19_n78 CA_1-3-19 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_1-3-19_n79 CA_1-3-19 n79 No
DC_1-3-20_n28 CA_1-3-20 n28 No
DC_1-3-20_n78 CA_1-3-20 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_1-3-21_n77 CA_1-3-21 n77 DC_1_n77
DC_1-3-21_n78 CA_1-3-21 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_1-3-21_n79 CA_1-3-21 n79 No
DC_1-3-42_n77 CA_1-3-42 n77 DC_1_n77
DC_1-3-42_n78 CA_1-3-42 n78 No
DC_1-3-42_n79 CA_1-3-42 n79 No
DC_1-5-7_n78 CA_1-5-7 n78 No
DC_1-5-7-7_n78 CA_1-5-7-7 n78 No
DC_1-7-20_n28 CA_1-7-20 n28 No
DC_1-7-20_n78 CA_1-7-20 n78 No
DC_1-7_n28-n78 CA_1-7 CA_n28-n78 No
DC_1-18-28_n77 CA_1-18-28 n77 No
DC_1-18-28_n78 CA_1-18-28 n78 No
DC_1-18-28_n79 CA_1-18-28 n79 No
DC_1-19-42_n77 CA_1-19-42 n77 DC_1_n77
DC_1-19-42_n78 CA_1-19-42 n78 No
DC_1-19-42_n79 CA_1-19-42 n79 No
DC_1-20_n28-n78 CA_1-20 CA_n28-n78 No
DC_1-21-28_n77 CA_1-21-28 n77 No
DC_1-21-28_n78 CA_1-21-28 n78 No
DC_1-21-28_n79 CA_1-21-28 n79 No
DC_1-21-42_n77 CA_1-21-42 n77 DC_1_n77
DC_1-21-42_n78 CA_1-21-42 n78 No
DC_1-21-42_n79 CA_1-21-42 n79 No
DC_1-28-42_n77 CA_1-28-42 n77 No
DC_1-28-42_n78 CA_1-28-42 n78 No
DC_1-28-42_n79 CA_1-28-42 n79 No
DC_1-41-42_n77 CA_1-41-42 n77 No
DC_1-41-42_n78 CA_1-41-42 n78 No
DC_1-41-42_n79 CA_1-41-42 n79 No
DC_2-66-(n)71 CA_2-66-71 n71 No
DC_3-5-7-7_n78 CA_3-5-7-7 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_3-7_n28-n78 CA_3-7 CA_n28-n78 DC_3_n78
DC_3-20_n28-n78 CA_3-20 CA_n28-n78 DC_3_n78
DC_3-21-42_n77 DC_3-21-42 n77 DC_3_n77
DC_3-21-42_n78 DC_3-21-42 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_3-21-42_n79 DC_3-21-42 n79 No
DC_3-5-7_n78 CA_3-5-7 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_3-7-20_n28 CA_3-7-20 n28 No
DC_3-7-28_n78 CA_3-7-28 n78 No
DC_3-7-20_n78 CA_3-7-20 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_3-19-21_n77 CA_3-19-21 n77 DC_3_n77
DC_3-19-21_n78 CA_3-19-21 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_3-19-21_n79 CA_3-19-21 n79 No
DC_3-19-42_n77 CA_3-19-42 n77 No
DC_3-19-42_n78 CA_3-19-42 n78 No
DC_3-19-42_n79 CA_3-19-42 n79 No
DC_3-28-42_n77 CA_3-28-42 n77 No
DC_3-28-42_n78 CA_3-28-42 n78 No
DC_3-28-42_n79 CA_3-28-42 n79 No
DC_7-20_n28-n78 CA_7-20 CA_n28-n78 No
DC_19-21-42_n77 CA_19-21-42 n77 No
DC_19-21-42_n78 CA_19-21-42 n78 No
DC_19-21-42_n79 CA_19-21-42 n79 No
DC_21-28-42_n77 CA_21-28-42 n77 No
DC_21-28-42_n78 CA_21-28-42 n78 No
DC_21-28-42_n79 CA_21-28-42 n79 No
Nb = 71

Inter-band EN-DC within FR1 (five bands)

All bands
EN-DC band E-UTRA band NR band Single UL allowed
DC_1-3-5-7_n78 CA_1-3-5-7 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_1-3-5-7-7_n78 CA_1-3-5-7-7 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_1-3-7-20_n28 CA_1-3-7-20 n28 No
DC_1-3-7-20_n78 CA_1-3-7-20 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_1-3-7_n28-n78 CA_1-3-7 CA_n28-n78 DC_3_n78
DC_1-3-19-21_n77 CA_1-3-19-21 n77 DC_1_n77
DC_1-3-19-21_n78 CA_1-3-19-21 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_1-3-19-21_n79 CA_1-3-19-21 n79 No
DC_1-3-19-42_n77 CA_1-3-19-42 n77 DC_1_n77
DC_1-3-19-42_n78 CA_1-3-19-42 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_1-3-19-42_n79 CA_1-3-19-42 n79 No
DC_1-3-20_n28-n78 CA_1-3-20 CA_n28-n78 DC_3_n78
DC_1-3-21-42_n77 CA_1-3-21-42 n77 DC_1_n77
DC_1-3-21-42_n78 CA_1-3-21-42 n78 DC_3_n78
DC_1-3-21-42_n79 CA_1-3-21-42 n79 No
DC_1-7-20_n28-n78 CA_1-7-20 CA_n28-n78 No
DC_1-19-21-42_n77 DC_1-19-21-42 n77 DC_1_n77
DC_1-19-21-42_n78 DC_1-19-21-42 n78 No
DC_1-19-21-42_n79 DC_1-19-21-42 n79 No
DC_1-3-28-42_n77 CA_1-3-28-42 n77 DC_1_n77
DC_1-3-28-42_n78 CA_1-3-28-42 n78 No
DC_1-3-28-42_n79 CA_1-3-28-42 n79 No
DC_1-21-28-42_n77 CA_1-21-28-42 n77 DC_1_n77
DC_1-21-28-42_n78 CA_1-21-28-42 n78 No
DC_1-21-28-42_n79 CA_1-21-28-42 n79 No
DC_3-7-20_n28-n78 CA_3-7-20 CA_n28-n78 DC_3_n78
Nb = 26

Inter-band EN-DC within FR1 (six bands)

All bands
EN-DC band E-UTRA band NR band Single UL allowed
DC_1-3-7-20_n28-n78 CA_1-3-7-20 CA_n28-n78 DC_3_n78
Nb = 1

Inter-band EN-DC within FR2 (two bands)

All bands
EN-DC band E-UTRA band NR band Single UL allowed
DC_1_n257 1 n257 No
DC_2_n257 2 n257 No
DC_2-2_n257 CA_2-2 n257 No
DC_2_n260 2 n260 No
DC_2-2_n260 CA_2-2 n260 No
DC_3_n257 3 n257 No
DC_3_n258 3 n258 No
DC_5_n257 5 n257 No
DC_5-5_n257 CA_5-5 n257 No
DC_5_n260 5 n260 No
DC_5-5_n260 CA_5-5 n260 No
DC_5_n261 5 n261 No
DC_7_n257 7 n257 No
DC_7-7_n257 CA_7-7 n257 No
DC_7_n258 7 n258 No
DC_8_n257 8 n257 No
DC_8_n258 8 n258 No
DC_11_n257 11 n257 No
DC_12_n260 12 n260 No
DC_18_n257 18 n257 No
DC_19_n257 19 n257 No
DC_20_n258 20 n258 No
DC_21_n257 21 n257 No
DC_26_n257 26 n257 No
DC_28_n257 28 n257 No
DC_28_n258 28 n258 No
DC_30_n260 30 n260 No
DC_39_n258 39 n258 No
DC_41_n257 41 n257 No
DC_41_n258 41 n258 No
DC_42_n257 42 n257 No
DC_48_n257 48 n257 No
DC_48-48_n257 CA_48-48 n257 No
DC_48_n260 48 n260 No
DC_48-48_n260 CA_48-48 n260 No
DC_66_n257 66 n257 No
DC_66-66_n257 CA_66-66 n257 No
DC_66_n260 66 n260 No
DC_66-66_n260 CA_66-66 n260 No
DC_66_n261 66 n261 No
Nb = 40

Inter-band EN-DC within FR2 (three bands)

All bands
EN-DC band E-UTRA band NR band Single UL allowed
DC_1-3_n257 CA_1-3 n257 No
DC_1-5_n257 CA_1-5 n257 No
DC_1-7_n257 CA_1-7 n257 No
DC_1-7-7_n257 CA_1-7-7 n257 No
DC_1-8_n257 CA_1-8 n257 No
DC_1-18_n257 CA_1-18 n257 No
DC_1-19_n257 CA_1-19 n257 No
DC_1-21_n257 CA_1-21 n257 No
DC_1-28_n257 CA_1-28 n257 No
DC_1-41_n257 CA_1-41 n257 No
DC_1-42_n257 CA_1-42 n257 No
DC_2-5_n257 CA_2-5 n257 No
DC_2-5_n260 CA_2-5 n260 No
DC_2-12_n260 CA_2-12 n260 No
DC_2-13_n257 CA_2-13 n257 No
DC_2-30_n260 CA_2-30 n260 No
DC_2-66_n257 CA_2-66 n257 No
DC_2-66_n260 CA_2-66 n260 No
DC_2-13_n260 CA_2-13 n260 No
DC_3-5_n257 CA_3-5 n257 No
DC_3-7_n257 CA_3-7 n257 No
DC_3-7-7_n257 CA_3-7-7 n257 No
DC_3-19_n257 CA_3-19 n257 No
DC_3-21_n257 CA_3-21 n257 No
DC_3-28_n257 CA_3-28 n257 No
DC_3-41_n257 CA_3-41 n257 No
DC_3-42_n257 CA_3-42 n257 No
DC_5-7_n257 CA_5-7 n257 No
DC_5-7-7_n257 CA_5-7-7 n257 No
DC_5-30_n260 CA_5-30 n260 No
DC_5-66_n260 CA_5-66 n260 No
DC_12-30_n260 CA_12-30 n260 No
DC_12-66_n260 CA_12-66 n260 No
DC_13-66_n257 CA_13-66 n257 No
DC_13-66_n260 CA_13-66 n260 No
DC_18-28_n257 CA_18-28 n257 No
DC_19-21_n257 CA_19-21 n257 No
DC_19-42_n257 CA_19-42 n257 No
DC_21-42_n257 CA_21-42 n257 No
DC_21-28_n257 CA_21-28 n257 No
DC_28-42_n257 CA_28-42 n257 No
DC_30-66_n260 CA_30-66 n260 No
DC_41-42_n257 CA_41-42 n257 No
Nb = 43

Inter-band EN-DC within FR2 (four bands)

All bands
EN-DC band E-UTRA band NR band Single UL allowed
DC_1-3-5_n257 CA_1-3-5 n257 No
DC_1-3-7_n257 CA_1-3-7 n257 No
DC_1-3-7-7_n257 CA_1-3-7-7 n257 No
DC_1-3-19_n257 CA_1-3-19 n257 No
DC_1-3-21_n257 CA_1-3-21 n257 No
DC_1-3-28_n257 CA_1-3-28 n257 No
DC_1-3-42_n257 CA_1-3-42 n257 No
DC_1-5-7_n257 CA_1-5-7 n257 No
DC_1-5-7-7_n257 CA_1-5-7-7 n257 No
DC_1-18-28_n257 CA_1-18-28 n257 No
DC_1-19-42_n257 CA_1-19-42 n257 No
DC_1-21-28_n257 CA_1-21-28 n257 No
DC_1-21-42_n257 CA_1-21-42 n257 No
DC_1-28-42_n257 CA_1-28-42 n257 No
DC_1-41-42_n257 CA_1-41-42 n257 No
DC_3-5-7-7_n257 CA_3-5-7-7 n257 No
DC_3-5-7_n257 CA_3-5-7 n257 No
DC_3-19-21_n257 CA_3-19-21 n257 No
DC_3-19-42_n257 CA_3-19-42 n257 No
DC_3-21-42_n257 CA_3-21-42 n257 No
DC_3-28-42_n257 CA_3-28-42 n257 No
DC_19-21-42_n257 CA_19-21-42 n257 No
DC_21-28-42_n257 CA_21-28-42 n257 No
Nb = 23

Inter-band EN-DC within FR2 (five bands)

All bands
EN-DC band E-UTRA band NR band Single UL allowed
DC_1-3-5-7_n257 CA_1-3-5-7 n257 No
DC_1-3-5-7-7_n257 CA_1-3-5-7-7 n257 No
DC_1-3-19-21_n257 CA_1-3-19-21 n257 No
DC_1-3-19-42_n257 CA_1-3-19-42 n257 No
DC_1-3-21-42_n257 CA_1-3-21-42 n257 No
DC_1-3-28-42_n257 CA_1-3-28-42 n257 No
DC_1-19-21-42_n257 CA_1-19-21-42 n257 No
DC_1-21-28-42_n257 CA_1-21-28-42 n257 No
DC_3-5-7-7_n257 CA_3-5-7-7 n257 No
Nb = 9

Inter-band EN-DC including both FR1 and FR2 (three bands)

All bands
EN-DC band E-UTRA band NR band Single UL allowed
DC_1_n77-n257 1 CA_n77-n257 No
DC_1_n78-n257 1 CA_n78-n257 No
DC_1_n79-n257 1 CA_n79-n257 No
DC_3_n77-n257 3 CA_n77-n257 No
DC_3_n78-n257 3 CA_n78-n257 No
DC_3_n79-n257 3 CA_n79-n257 No
DC_5_n78-n257 5 CA_n78-n257 No
DC_7-7_n78-n257 CA_7-7 CA_n78-n257 No
DC_7_n78-n257 7 CA_n78-n257 No
DC_19_n77-n257 19 CA_n77-n257 No
DC_19_n78-n257 19 CA_n78-n257 No
DC_19_n79-n257 19 CA_n79-n257 No
DC_21_n77-n257 21 CA_n77-n257 No
DC_21_n78-n257 21 CA_n78-n257 No
DC_21_n79-n257 21 CA_n79-n257 No
Nb = 15

Inter-band EN-DC including both FR1 and FR2 (four bands)

All bands
EN-DC band E-UTRA band NR band Single UL allowed
DC_1-3_n78-n257 CA_1-3 CA_n78-n257 No
DC_1-5_n78-n257 CA_1-5 CA_n78-n257 No
DC_1-7_n78-n257 CA_1-7 CA_n78-n257 No
DC_1-7-7_n78-n257 CA_1-7-7 CA_n78-n257 No
DC_3-5_n78-n257 CA_3-5 CA_n78-n257 No
DC_3-7_n78-n257 CA_3-7 CA_n78-n257 No
DC_3-7-7_n78-n257 CA_3-7-7 CA_n78-n257 No
DC_5-7_n78-n257 CA_5-7 CA_n78-n257 No
DC_5-7-7_n78-n257 CA_5-7-7 CA_n78-n257 No
Nb = 9

Inter-band EN-DC including both FR1 and FR2 (five bands)

All bands
EN-DC band E-UTRA band NR band Single UL allowed
DC_1-3-5_n78-n257 CA_1-3-5 CA_n78-n257 No
DC_1-3-7-7_n78-n257 CA_1-3-7-7 CA_n78-n257 No
DC_1-3-7_n78-n257 CA_1-3-7 CA_n78-n257 No
DC_1-5-7-7_n78-n257 CA_1-5-7-7 CA_n78-n257 No
DC_1-5-7_n78-n257 CA_1-5-7 CA_n78-n257 No
DC_3-5-7-7_n78-n257 CA_3-5-7-7 CA_n78-n257 No
DC_3-5-7_n78-n257 CA_3-5-7 CA_n78-n257 No
Nb = 7

Inter-band EN-DC including both FR1 and FR2 (six bands)

All bands
EN-DC band E-UTRA band NR band Single UL allowed
DC_1-3-5-7_n78-n257 CA_1-3-5-7 CA_n78-n257 No
Nb = 1