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22 11 2020

Niviuk / LG

Hi Omair, I have just added a Point A calculator on, a first version ...

22 11 2020

Niviuk / LG

Hi RSM, I did not upgrade the ue_capability parser since a very long time, I have to tell I have no plan to add NR, too many options and too many possible input format

04 11 2020


Hi, will you be adding ENDC CA Band Combinations in the o/p of UE capability parser. Currently it lists only LTE CA Band combinations ..

02 09 2020


Can someone help with NR ARFCN to NR ARFCN (SSB) Mapping?

07 08 2020


Hi, I have a question about the technology LTE, why its bandwidth didn't exceed 20MHz.?why not 30MHz?

22 04 2020

Niviuk / LG

Hi, it is available on this link NR-ARFCN calculator Regards, LG

22 04 2020


Please add nrarfcn calculator.

18 04 2020

Niviuk / LG

Or search sqimway lte frequency with google ?

18 04 2020

Niviuk / LG

Hi, can you try with http and or https ? or

17 04 2020


It seems doesn't work, i kept opening for whole day but with no luck...

11 04 2020


Hi, The MR-DC UE capability isn't working with the anymore. It used to work sometime back when used with Hexformat. Is this something that can be fixed or any advise is much appriciated

28 03 2020

Niviuk / LG

Hi all, as confined at home like many of us, I migrated this web site to a reliable server It is too much work to keep updating both sites; from now, only will be updated. LG

28 03 2020


Hi Eric Shen, there was only a check on the downlink arfcn, I added a check on the ul arfcn, both DL and UL are checked now, but please read next post ...

25 03 2020

Eric Shen

Dear Niviuk, just noticed something interesting, when I used the EARFCN calculator in LTE Freq. Band section, if I put ARFCN as 67062 (of Band 66) and BW as either 15MHz or 20MHz, the check results still show OK while in realty the UL portion is already out of Band 66... Any chance to double check? Appreciate your help! Here are more details: ARFCN 67062 -> DL 2172.60MHz UL 1772.60MHz -> If 15MHz, the upper UL 1780.1MHz; if 20MHz, the upper UL 1782.60MHz (but upper band edge of B66 UL is 1780MHz)

10 03 2020


Niviuk, sorry, I didn't see your reply. Please discard my comment just posted. Have a good day!

10 03 2020


Is it possible to update those 3GPP tables, such as "LTE + NR Dual Connectivity", to the latest 3GPP spec release (such as Dec'2019)? Right now, it is still on Sept'2019. Many thanks!

02 03 2020


Hi Niviuk, you may add E.212 : New Appendix on shared E.212 Mobile Country Code (MCC) 999 for internal use within a private network Thanks for your page

02 03 2020


Hi Hassan, no API, but you can export all the data used for GSM, UMTS, LTE and NR from the export page

02 03 2020


HI, doe the site support an API to access the data?

01 03 2020


Hi jimk1963, use of TBS is more accurate for peak throughput estimate, you can try with nr_pdsch.php, and then apply a percentage of BLER to the max throughput

01 03 2020


Hi Damien, is there a FR1 SS/PBCH configuration with 60 KHz SCS ? I did not find it in 38.213 §13. Do you have another spec that you refer to ?

01 03 2020


Hi Eric, there are a lot of tables to update CA and DC, I will do an update in one month with 3GPP March

28 02 2020


Is it possible to update those 3GPP tables, such as "LTE + NR Dual Connectivity", to the latest 3GPP spec release (such as Dec'2019)? Right now, it is still on Sept'2019. Many thanks!

26 02 2020


I Niviuk, it seems that the datarate for NR FR1 is not up to date : we can't choose SCS of 60kHz. Regards

18 02 2020


Hi, for 5GNR FR2, 1CC max data rate is 808 Mbps (2x2, MCS28). In this case, for purposes of BLER calculation, what is the bit size of the "block" used to calculate BLER? Also, is this equation a reasonable assumption for converting BER to BLER? BLER ~ [1 - (1-BER)*(Block Length in Bits)] Thanks!

13 02 2020


Hi, ER-GSM added, as well as a comment on PDSCH on SSB slots. Thanks

12 02 2020


Hi, could you add the ER-GSM900 (873 MHz to 915 MHz, 918 MHz to 960 MHz) in the GSM part? Thank you

11 02 2020

Thiago Marcengo

Hello, Mr. Niviuk. On the the Slots with SSB may or may not have PDSCH allocation simultaneously. Nokia currently doesnt schedule PDSCH with SSBs, but other vendors do. Maybe you could place a note saying something like that. Thanks for your awesome work, I`m a heavy user of your site! Cheers!

09 02 2020


Hi, A letter was missing at the end; added. Combinations are aligned on R16 Sept 2019, Regards

07 02 2020

Cesar Nunes

Hi, In LTE + NR Dual Connectivity ( I didn´t find in 3GPP TS 38.101-3 V15.7.0 (2019-09) the "DC_1A_n3A-n78" (Inter-band EN-DC within FR1 (three bands) Is it correct in niviuk web page?

04 02 2020


Dear sirs, 2 questions on 5G NR please : 1. In the "UE radio access capability 38.306" rate formula, I don't see the influence of TDD (for instance 50% of Downlink rate compared to FDD) 2. what is the scaling factor, it is not defined, do you know ? Thanks a lot

29 01 2020


Hi mgolden, center frequency value aligned to step value; Xavier, please send me a trace, I will add it as html placeholder

29 01 2020


Hi AlexH, can you provide an example of CA contiguous values expected ? I checked the code it looks like as the formula in 38.104

29 01 2020


Hi Niviuk, sent a message yesterday about UE Capability decoder file format. I just found a file that works, it is the native format of the RRC message as captured with e/// celltrace. So I am all fine :) I can send you the file if you want to use it as a template file.

28 01 2020


Hi mgolden, I agree, I will check the code

28 01 2020


Hi Andy, Band names comes from the web, or names I often heard, or personal naming. For n79, I can change to TDD 4700. Updated LTE S1 and X2 asn1.

28 01 2020


Hello Niviuk, In the UE Capabilities pretty viewer, could you please include a template file, so we can undertand the kind of input supported ? The message is 3GPP, so it could be coming from Qualcomm, Intel, Samsung, I'm pretty sure one could find a way to convert the raw file to the kind of file supported by your macro. Thanks !!

28 01 2020


HI, seems FR1 refers to 410 MHz – 7125 MHz now. cf spec 38.101-3. BY the way i have one question, is anyone knows if LTE carrier of 1.4/3 MHz can be used as an anchor LTE carrier for EN-DC (Option 3x)? ps: great site. :-)

27 01 2020


very helpful site, thanks! But how did you assign Band Names, especially for NR bands? Are they fixed in some document, or just a your suggestion? In 3GPP 38.104 spec there are no band names, only band numbers. For example, NR band n79 (4400-5000 MHZ) - should it be TDD 4500, as you wrote, or TDD 4700 according to the middle frequency ?

23 01 2020


Your center channel for NR FR2 with 120kHz SCS is invalid. With step size of 2, center channel has to be an odd number.

22 01 2020

R13 UE capability parsing

Hi, UE capability parsing tool doesn't support R13 format. Could you help to add that? Thanks/Henry

13 01 2020


3GPP has changed the definition for the newradio nominal channel spacing ofr intraband contiguous CA carriers. The data on this website needs to be adjusted to reflect 3GPP 38.104 chapter Channel spacing for CA (V16.1.0)

23 12 2019


Hi JK Park, band 66 is asymetric, DL bandwidth is 20 MHz larger than UL bandwidth; the middle frequency is computed as the middle of the DL band and the middle of the UL band

23 12 2019


Hi About the frequency of LTE66/NR66 bands, If I calculated the afacn, Downlink 2155 Mhz -> Uplink 1755 Mhz. But Your table is incorrectly labeled as 1745. Please check the frequency & CH information about LTE_66/NR66

16 12 2019


Hi Jim, nr_dci was a decoder based on early 5G TF specs, it is obsolete, I forgot to remove it. It is removed now

16 12 2019


Hi. The Point A calculation page is broken? For n1 for instance, it shows both 15 and 30 kHz SS/PBCH spacing, while only 15 is allowed? Furthermore, how come the ARFCN for Point A changes when the SCS for the PDCCH changes from e.g. 15 kHz to 30 kHz? Isn't Point A per definition a fixed point for all numerologies?

16 12 2019


Hi... please ignore my previous message... I finally figured it out. Thanks again for this great site.

16 12 2019


Hi. I am trying to understand 5G using this incredible site. However, in the Point A calculation, I can't even understand how to get from the Arfcn range for a band to the allowed Arfcn range to Point A. Would it be possible to clarify? Thank you!

16 12 2019


Hi Support, we try to used <<5G NR DCI decoder>>function: But it seems it is not working, nothing got output. input(Hex): dciPayload (Bytes): fffff360c487000000000000000000000000 Could you help to check this function it is working or not? Many thanks! Br Jim

12 12 2019


Hi Niviuk, o.k. thanks for that. I noticed my mistake: The RB value of 275 can be changed in the GUI but is actually a fix value, even if the channel bandwidth is only 90 or 80 MHz. If I leave it as it is I get the starting point and length value just fine :-) Thanks!

12 12 2019

Calvin Cheng

Hi, In MCC code page ,can we list which country is for FCC and which is for CE?

06 12 2019


For 5G NR, NR CSI-RS Multiplexing with PDCCH is a basic or advance feature?

03 12 2019


Hi Heurekus, for the RIV calculator, I use the value NR bandwidth part size in the light blue form for the parameter NsizeBWP in the RIV formula in 38.214. If you change the NR bandwidth part size value, it will be used to calculate RBStart and #RBs for the same RIV value

03 12 2019

Alan Chu

Point A definition does't seem correct. Per 38.211 - Point A definition is as follows: absoluteFrequencyPointA for all other cases where absoluteFrequencyPointA represents the frequency-location of point A expressed as in ARFCN, namely ARFCN should be the Point A.

29 11 2019


Hi, I've been playing around a bit with the RIV calculator as I wanted to get the first RB and the #RBs based on the BWP initialUplinkBWP IE. In a network with 80 MHz (217 RBs) I get a locationAndBandwidth of 16499. I get to this value when I run through the original formula with 217 RBs channel bandwidth, starting RB = 0 and bandwidth of the BWP of 217 RBs. When I put 217 and 16499 in the calculator, I get RGBstart 7 and #RBG 77. In a network with 90 MHz (245 RBs) I get a BWP locationAndBandwdith of 8799. Again that maps to RB start = 0 and bandwidth of 245 just fine. But if I use 245 and 8799 in the RIV calculator I again end up with different values: start 20 and #RGB 211. Am I doing something wrong here? Sharetechnote has the calculations for 80 MHz on this page if you want to take a peek:

23 11 2019

Sumit Kumar

HI Team, when we process UE cap in the webiste tool for ENDC combos supported below is the parsing given . If you see below parsing all first three line are same but actual difference is what is LTE PCC. Can parsing be add like 2a - 12a - 30a - 66aa - n5 instead of 2a - 12a - 30a - 66a - n5, 2a - 12a - 30a - 66a - n5 2a - 12a - 30a - 66a - n5 2a - 12a - 30a - 66a - n5 2a - 30a - 66a - 66a - n5 2a - 30a - 66a - 66a - n5 2a - 30a - 66a - 66a - n5 2a - 2a - 30a - 66a - n5 2a - 2a - 30a - 66a - n5 2a - 2a - 30a - 66a - n5

22 11 2019


Added a check on SS/PBCH, PDCCH values, and a calculator TBS = f(MCS)

19 11 2019

Andrew Kolomatski

Hi, I am wondering if it's correct or questionable. The NR radio resource allows the user to select PDCCH subcarrier spacing 60kHz in concert with SS/PBCH subcarrier spacing 15kHz and "successfully" produces the output grid. But at the same time the comment on the very same page lists the valid pairs of {SS/PBCH, PDCCH} subcarrier spacing as follows: {15, 15}, {15, 30}, {30, 15}, {30, 30}, {120, 60}, {120, 120}, {240, 60}, {240, 120}}. And there is no such valid pair as {15, 60}. Am I missing something or is it really incorrect?

11 11 2019


Added NR DC and CA aligned on latest Rel 16, and fix for limiting publishing

01 11 2019


Greeting to everyone! Special thanks to Niviuk and team, excellent site for LTE/5G NR info! Just wondering, is it possible to update 5G NR info (such as DC) with 3GPP Release 16 info? Thank you in advance!

17 10 2019


Good suggestion !

16 10 2019

Harald Eiermann

Nice work :-) I just noted that (at least) in New Radio Bands table you used abbreviations TD, FD, SU whereas in abreviations table their counterparts are TDD, FDD, SDL, SUL. I suggest to use the s8sdtandard) three letter abbreviations in the table instead of the two letter abbreviation of the abbreviations ;-)

08 10 2019

Finn Kim

Hello. I'm an engineer in Korea. I have a a question about point A channel. I usually use a site of `NR Reference Point A`. when I fill information such as a frequency band, bandwidth, and ARFCN, I can got several ranges. here is the question. I'm just wondering how method to find langes of Point A, Allowed, Band. where can I find an evidence? I mean 3GPP or KDB like that. And then, sometimes I can see the message "not aligned with a step of 2", "is outside the allowed range". For example, when I was putting '622001' on the site, I thought that was in range. but the red error message was shown. Thanks for reading my question and I hope to reply an answer as soon as you can possible. have a nice day.

01 10 2019


Hi, There is no n78F CA in 38.104-1. Br, Jacky

27 09 2019

NR UE 64x64 max data rate

How can I find/calculate the NR UE max data rate, using 64x64 mimo ?

24 09 2019


Hi, Can someone explain the reason behind having a NR ARFCN Step of 6 or 3 for 30KHz and 15 KHz respectively;

17 09 2019


Fixed for LTE band 53 and 88, 3GPP Sept should fix band 88 values. Regards

16 09 2019


For LTE band 53, you list the start/stop frequency as 2483.35 & 2494.85 MHz. 3GPP TS 36.101 V16.2.0 (2019-06) says 2483.5 & 2495 MHz instead. Why is there a difference?

13 09 2019


Can anyone please explain what actually NAS doing except handover handling?

05 08 2019


Hi, in 36.101 v16.2.0, I found 134231 for LTE B88; about the other comments, I will check after the holidays ;-) Thanks

02 08 2019

David Easton

... actually, I think medium and high are also out by 1.

02 08 2019

David Easton

Thanks for the site. I think the Uplink Low EARFCN is incorrect for Band 88 and should be 134232 instead of 134231

30 07 2019

RBG in the NR RIV decoder ??

Could you help to clarify the definition of RBG in the NR RIV decoder ? When the resource allocation type 0 used, the RBG stands for Resource Block Group; When the resource allocation type 1 used, the RBG stands for Resource Block, 1 RBG = 1 RB ; Is it right?

23 07 2019


Thank you for everything. Great job !!!

08 07 2019

Mayoung Choi

Is it possible to parse the UL CA combos ?

02 07 2019


Can anyone please tell me that 5G NR carriers aggeration is same as LTE? If not, then what is changes ?

07 06 2019


Love to have HPUE like BC14 Power Class 1 capabilities added

27 05 2019


Can you please explain PRB allocation algorithm in 5G NR.

22 05 2019


Большое спасибо!

21 05 2019


formatting is back! thanks

20 05 2019


@Niviuk: Thank you, well done, Max data rate calculator works like a charm!

19 05 2019


Hi, in 36.331, I found MFBI in the document. NR max rate calculator has been enhanced to take into account the bandwidth for each band, and fixed a typo. Regards

16 05 2019


@Niviuk I tried on both firefox and explorer, the formatting is not there. Checked on multiple computers

16 05 2019

Robert Clark

Hi excellent site thanks. Minor point - maybe I'm wrong or there's a good reason, however page for "Multi Frequency Band Indicator". Looks like this should be Multi Band Frequency Indicator as per acronym used in the example System Information message. Rob

16 05 2019


Maybe there is a bug in NR UE max data rate calculator. Acc. to 3GPP 38.101-1 n51 is only 5Mhz BW. This would correspond to 25 RB @ SCS 15kHz. n78 is max 50MHz BW @SCS 15kHz with max. 270 RB. Output is the same always 288.9 Mbps. Other settings: 1, 1, 256QAM, 1, band, 15kHz, 0,14 Or is there some problem on my side?

15 05 2019


Added one digit for the NR frequency field. About table formatting issue, it may be slowness of the server to download bootstrap css files ? I was not able to reproduce it

14 05 2019


Can you look at the table formatting and add the border lines back please. Such a useful page. Currently I copy the table into word and enable borders for quick access.

14 05 2019


For NR, Convertion from Freq to NR-ARFCN. I can't enter enough digits, like 27925.08 .

08 05 2019


Hi, strange that formatting disappears, I have not made any change since more than two weeks

07 05 2019


Niviuk hath the tables giveth, and Niviuk hath the tables taketh. Table formatting is gone again

07 05 2019

Nikolay Staykov

Please add 5G bands. For example Huawei Mate X is 5G Non-Standalone (NSA), Sub6 / mmWave; N41/N77/N78/N79

04 05 2019


This website has been extremely helpful. Does anyone know of an excel sheet or a way to get the function of this calculator to convert from EARFCN/UTRA/ARFCN to uplink and downlink frequencies in an excel sheet that can be used offline? I am close in my own attempt to help our engineers in the field but am running into some snags with the formula when for example I need to convert the downlink EARFCN to the uplink EARFCN.

09 04 2019


tables are good now. thanks!

08 04 2019


Missing Band 53 in 'LTE frequency band'

07 04 2019


Hi, do you still have the formatting issue ? I tried with different browsers, after cleaning the cache, but tables format seems ok

03 04 2019

Khaled Omaira

No more tables, impossible to read the data

23 03 2019


Hi, it appears that the table formatting has disappeared? I don't see different shades between rows anymore

21 03 2019

Leonardo Zanoni Pedrini

Found your great website. I have posted a link to it in our Telecommunications Community:

18 03 2019

Colin Zhu

Excellent knowledgebase. possible to add bandwidth class info for mmW which are being shown in MRDC UE cap?

12 03 2019

Andrew Kolomatski

Hi OL, If you scroll down the forum to the date of 11/12/2017, you will find the answer. There's no mistake, this is in line with 3GPP.
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