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06 03 2019


Hi Niviuk, possible I found mistake in LTE resource grid. When set number of ports to 1, resource grid show black(unused) symbols in Slot: 0 Symbol: 0. Looks like it doesn't take into account the fact that only one antenna port used. Is it okay? Checked in 3GPP 36.211 figure

22 02 2019


Hi Niviuk, Do you plan on adding info on NB-IoT at some point? If so, it'll be greatly appreciated. Great job overall on this very useful Website. Thanks!

20 02 2019


Hi, LTE and NR NSA data flow have been updated; for CU-DU, I just have the F1 asn1 grammar; 70 MHz bandwidth is a configuration found in 38.104. Best regards

20 02 2019


There's no 70MHz BW defined in the 38.101 for NR.

19 02 2019


Excellent knowledgebase. Are you planning to add detailed explanation on NR splits? (DU/CU)

04 02 2019

Js Xcode

I have found the information that you are using and I hope you are enjoying your time.

31 01 2019


I just want to RRC working in LTENR(means step by step description with RRC State)...Please update asap flow diagram of RRC in LTENR

30 01 2019


Hi KG, I will complete the LTE data flow with S1, and add a data flow for NR, but I need to think how to distinguish NSA, SA

30 01 2019


Hi Gio, I removed the column #PRBs from the SS block frequency raster table, it was out of context

30 01 2019


I'm still wondering on what #PRB means in your tables, but all your calculations are OK. Seems like the vendor I'm working with was using SSB out of the SYNC, hence my failed believe that the calculations were wrong. Keep the good work.

29 01 2019


With respect to my previous comment. I'm talking Sync raster calculation below 24,250. I cannot replicate your results using TS 38.101-1 5.4.3, but for 24,250 and above your results are replicable using TS38.101-2, so it would seem there is an issue with the calculation on sub6Ghz.

29 01 2019


It is very unclear what do you mean by # PRBs on NR Frequency Synchronization Raster table. SSB will always be 20 PRB and SS Reference Frequency will always be Sub. 0 of PRB #10 (as of Dec. Spec). I'm pointing this out because the way you are doing Raster calculations themselves is unclear.

29 01 2019


Hi, I would like to know UL-MIMO and UL-CA bandconfigs in LTE and in 5G. I have only seen contiguous cases so far in UL-CA but would be interesting to know interband combination as well. Same goes for UL-MIMO scenario. Thanks in advance.

28 01 2019


Here I am taking about RRC in LTENR

28 01 2019


Can you please share a flow diagram of packet transmit for LTE-NR like 5G TF or its a same flow just other parameter changes only????

07 01 2019

Andrew Kolomatski

Do you mind one more suggestion regarding RIV calculator? Would be a bit more user friendly to rename "LTE RIV decoder (36.213 §7)" into "LTE RIV decoder for DL (36.213 §7)". And, if possible, to add "LTE RIV decoder for UL (36.213 §8)" calculator, in particular emphasizing that only certain 34 values can be valid due to rule [2^a2]*[3^a3]*[5^a5].

03 01 2019


Hi Juan, thanks for the feedback, I have added a parseInt on input values

03 01 2019

Juan D.

The NR RIV Calculator have bugs. For instance, N_BWP = 275, L_PRBs = 275, and PRB_start= 0 should be 549, but the calculator: is returning 275274, which is even above the limit. You can find the source of errors in rb_calc.js function nr_rbg_riv(...), which is not properly parsing string with numbers. In the example above, in some part of your code, the return value is calculated like this: riv = 275 + "274". We would expect to get a 549, but since this is JS, the values are concatenated. I assume you have several of the same issues all around the JS code. I hope the information is helpful.

20 12 2018


Excellent work

18 12 2018


Hello, Your tool to check the UE Capabilities has been very useful. I remember there was an option to select shannon for samsung log before. Any issue for adding it back? :)

17 12 2018


AlexH, I see what you mean. I used the same scs for each GB. I have added a form to be able to select the scs of each carrier

16 12 2018


Based on the formula from 38.104 § Band 1, raster freq 100, max mu 1, bw1 5MHz, bw2 10 MHz, scs1 15, scs2 30, my result is 6.9 MHz. The guard bands differ for those carriers so the numerator in the formula becomes smaller because the delta of the guard bands is substracted (after applying a factor of 2)

16 12 2018


For the UE capabilities, I have added a first version of NR capabilities. Exynos format is very different, I don't know yet, it takes quite some time to code

16 12 2018


AlexH, is it about the channel spacing at the bottom of the CA page, using the formula from 38.104 § ? Do you have an example where there is a different value from yours so that I can check ?

14 12 2018


How do you come up with the nominal channel spacing values for NR? If I manually compute them based on 3GPP and different using different sub carrier spacings for the carriers, the minimum guard band defintions differ, so the result differs from your tables (the values are smaller)

13 12 2018


Can you add the support for r13 supported BC decoding of UE Cap Info

11 12 2018


Hi, Is it possible to add UE capability decoding for the wireshark decoded UE capability message?

29 11 2018

Andrew Kolomatski

I’ve got a question regarding the fact that the DMRS of PBCH move in frequency domain with change of PCI and every fourth PCI causes the same DMRS positions – PCImode4 rule in 5G (unlike PCImode3 rule in 4G). Does the DMRS for PBCH move in frequency domain with change of SSB Index AS WELL? Or with change of PCI only? I am trying to find out how DMRS position can UE figure out whether it is reading, for example, the beam number 1 or the beam number 3. For example, we’ve got a mid-band cell with L=8 and PCI=333. So we’ve got 8 SS/PBCH blocks every burst set. PCI is always the same. Does the DMRS for PBCH moves in frequency domain from one block to another within the burst set? The current version of the 5G NR Radio Resource Grip places PBCH DMRS on the same frequency position for all SSB bursts in the SSB burst set. Is it right? Doesn't SSB Index (essentially beam identifier) make DMRS shift from beam to beam?

28 11 2018


Hi Thorsten, 38.101-3 indicates that if SUL transmission = supported, UE may not support simultaneous dual and triple uplink operation, due to possible intermodulation interference ... I suppose when receiving the info from the UE Capabilities, the network should not schedule simultaneous uplink transmission. If anyone has more info, please comment or correct

28 11 2018


Thanks Andrew for the answer on SS/PBCH matching. I have fixed the bug on the stripping of special characters, now < and <= should be ok

26 11 2018

Andrew Kolomatski

OMG, if you use symbol "less than" in the comment everything after that symbol is not posted:( So have to spam a bit with the third comment just to complete the point of the first one actually, terribly sorry. ******* and when B is less than A (15kHz vs. 60kHz in out example), the fixed 20PRBs of SS/PBCH turn into only 5 PRBs of general transmission bandwidth (PDCCH transmission bandwidth). That said, 18 and even 11 PRBs in the table do not represent any conflict.

26 11 2018

Andrew Kolomatski

******************* ...and when B

26 11 2018

Andrew Kolomatski

Hi, my previous question has been answered, so the matter is settled. "Maximum transmission bandwidth configuration 38.104 FR1 : below 6 GHz" table contains number of PRBs less than 20 (specifically 11 and 18) because this number indicates general transmission bandwidth based on the "PDCCH subcarrier spacing (kHz)" (let's call it A), whereas the bandwidth of the fixed 20 PRBs of SS/PBCH is independently defined by the "SS/PBCH subcarrier spacing (kHz)" (let's call it B), and when B

26 11 2018


Hi, In the CA section for NR there is the statement: "Single UL allowed". Not sure what is the meaning here?

22 11 2018

Andrew Kolomatski

Hi All, On the page "NR radio resources" there is a table "Maximum transmission bandwidth configuration 38.104 FR1 : below 6 GHz". The table contents is absolutely correct, exactly like in the 38.104. So my question is not about potential mistake, but just an appeal for help in case anybody can clarify it. Under the SCS=30kHz and BW=5MHz, and first two combinations under the SCS=60kHz as well, the table says that the number of PRBs is less than 20, specifically 11, 11 and 18. How can it be possible (11 or 18) while SS Block always must have 20 PRBs?!?

30 10 2018


I have question about the CA for band 1+8 in case band 1 5Mhz+ band 8 3Mhz, do you know which vendors support the configuration and which CAT of handset support? Thanks and Br

26 10 2018


great job! congrats for making a friendly way to consult such important information!

19 10 2018


Hi, I have added a bandwidth field after the CA combination in the export file

09 10 2018


my mistake: The button is not on the export page but on the human readable one. I think I have described poorly what I was hoping to find. Example: Instead of a link to 1A-1A BCS 0, I was hoping the actual bandwidths for the two carriers in the corresponding .csv file, so I do not have to resolve the links myself

09 10 2018


thank you for adding ULCA information to the csv file. You also wrote that there is now a "CA links" button for csv export. Unfortunately I am unable to find this button. Am I blind? The reason why I prefer the flat list is because it is easier to parse than resolving the links manually (but it is not a deal breaker)

09 10 2018


The bandwidth associated with band 46 is incorrect. 775 MHz is not right. It should be 10, 20 MHz.

26 09 2018


Hi Cham, are you trying with Exynos logs ? it is not supported. The script needs to be updated; it only works with QCT logs for now

25 09 2018


What a great and helpful site. 3GPP could learn some lessons here ;)

25 09 2018


Hi Niviuk, i am still unable to use the UE capability calculator, i paste the message just like i shared with u on email before and i don't get any results. please can u help?

24 09 2018


Hi AlexH, UL CA is now in the export, and I added a button to enable/disable CA links. I am wondering why you prefer a flat version of the table ?

22 09 2018


the uplink configuration is not part of the .csv file either. would you please consider adding it too? furthermore, have you considered making a FLAT version of the tables (without references to other CA bandwidth combination sets)?

20 09 2018


Thank you for the quick fix! Would you please also consider adding the 3GPP release to the .csvs? Thank you very much!

19 09 2018


Hi AlexH, there is a button LTE-U on the page LTE CA which is not selected by default. If selected, the CA combinations displayed and the export will be identical. There is no filtering in the export. I have added another column "BW carrier 5" in the .csv export for intra band

19 09 2018


the export of LTE_carrier_aggregation.csv does not have enough columns to be able to cover the information for „Intra Band CA contiguous“. Example: 41F would require a column called „BW carrier 5 (MHz)“ which is not available in the .csv

18 09 2018


the export of LTE_carrier_aggregation.csv does include combinations not listed on the website (e.g. 255C). Why?

12 09 2018


Hi, please add calculator for NBIoT Inband and Guardband frequencies based on host cell bandwidth & uplink/downlink PRB index.

09 09 2018


Hi mm_tfx, it is a python script that I wrote, around 250 lines of code

09 09 2018


Hi Cham, I just did a test, it seems ok, did you process a recent QC trace ? format may have changed

09 09 2018


I meant S1-AP, X2-AP but now when you mentioned them I found them on your site. I don't know how could I miss that. Do you use some available Python library or you made this script yourself? It is very usefull and could be used for more protocols especially new ones in 5G.

08 09 2018


Hi Niviuk, the ue capability decoder is giving zero values whenever i process a QC trace file. is it down or am i doing something wrong?

07 09 2018


Hi, RRC asn1 is extracted with a word macro, and a python script generates the html. There is RRC and F1 for NR, also on LTE radio, RRC, S1, X2, … Do you have in mind other protocols ?

05 09 2018


The page with RRC ASN.1 is really usefull. Do you have plans for other protocols/interfaces? How did you make this page? Did you create some script to parse ASN.1 code?

04 09 2018


Hi Luis, I added a legend at the bottom of the NR resource tool

01 09 2018

Suresh Kumar bansal

Can some one help me with SMR band blocks and corresponding channel range for LTE.

01 09 2018


Bon site, bien fait, pratique...

28 08 2018

Luis Hernandez

Hello! First, thanks for your LTE grid which I used so much!! In your NR resource tool, also great thanks for it, I am missing the legend for the color of the different channels. Also, I can imagine the layout gets messy with mixed numerologies and different CP length, but it would be nice to see how messy it can get! Thanks for your free contributions, you are truly great, and beware of Apple bots in your feedback forum :)

11 07 2018


¡Que tal niviuk ! Por favor alguna pagina en internet que me recomiendes para actualizarme con conceptos y términos de telecomunicaciones, gracias.

09 07 2018

Ameen Swati

can you please check and feedback for LTE Devices and band support

05 07 2018


Hi, 5G bands are available under the NR (New Radio) menu, Regards

04 07 2018


Dear Niviuk, do you plane to add portable mobile earth station bands ? BR, MR

04 07 2018


Dear Niviuk, when do you expect to add the 5G bands ?

28 06 2018


Done, sent you via email

27 06 2018


Hi, please send me one or two ueCapabilityInformation messages in text format to my mail on top of this page, or on a shared server. I will check

26 06 2018


Hi Niviuk, i have so many traces from multiple chipsets, please let me know what and how can i share to help, as for my query it is for Exynos chipset

11 06 2018


There should be an option of editing the NR abbreviation list. There are quite a few duplicate entries.

10 06 2018


Hi, I just tested, it seems ok, but not with exynos logs, as I don't have traces from this chipset

07 06 2018


Hi Niviuk, is UE capabilities pretty viewer working? will it support uecapabilities from exynos chipset?

04 05 2018


Hi Sam, this information is available on the page LTE / Bandwidth, Regards

03 05 2018


Hi Niviuk, Would you be able to add a column with the 3GPP release to the LTE Bands table similar to the LTE CA table?

24 04 2018

Priyank Panchal

Hi Team, Not able to understand what is "1. what is resource allocation slot 0 and 1"

13 04 2018


Hi gp, you are right, fixed.

12 04 2018


In your calculation for 5G NR max data rate - UE radio access capability 38.306 there seems to be an error. If you take a single carrier with 2x2MIMO and 64QAM in FR1 with 30kHz SCS your calculation shows 62.6Mbps. It should actually be 876.4Mbps, shouldn't it? The numbers entered into the formula at the lowest line on that page are accurate, just the result is wrong. I believe you are missing the "14" from the Ts^mu part since your result is short by factor 14.

22 03 2018


Can anyone tell me why my iPhone 8 Plus on AT&T continually jumps from good 4g signal to searching to poor Lte signal in my home location? We recently bought a surecall signal booster and still no better service...when 4g shows up it runs fast but usually lasts 30-60 minutes then it searches and finds a Lte signal it’s really fast but lasts half as long as 4g signal and even with Lte off it still becomes a signal jumping issue..we have 6 iPhones in the house and hey all do this constantly....the signal booster does work it took what was normally 2 bars to full bars now

19 03 2018


Ren, NR = New Radio. 3GPP abbreviations are in 21.905, and I added some on the page NR / Abbreviations

19 03 2018


Eran, I retrieved the LTE resource grid from a web site that has disappeared, as I indicate on top of the page; I am not the author; It is not easy to modify the javascript (Ctrl-U)

19 03 2018


Hi dear, please can you remind me what means NR in 5G? thanks in advance

18 03 2018


Helidri, the script replaces band 64 by the real band indicated in the extensions of the message, isn't it the case ?

18 03 2018


Ambjörn, I have added a new table LTE bands for UE category ...

15 03 2018


I was testing the UE capabilities pretty viewer ( and it turns out that it has a fault with band 64, when you put a UE EUTRA capability message with band 64, in the result shows the band 66.

13 03 2018


Hi! In the "E-UTRA channel bandwidths per operating band (36.101)" table, can it be added CAT-M and NB IoT applicability?

12 03 2018

Eran Goldstein

PHICH number of groups for the scenario: { DuplexMode: 'TDD' TDDConfig: 0 NSubframe: 0 CyclicPrefix: 'Extended' } Has half of the expected possible PHICH group indexes (compared to Matlab toolbox and spec equations).

26 02 2018

Hamza Bashir

thanks Andrew, I have found your previous comment for the details.

26 02 2018

Hamza Bashir

thanks Andrew , It would be helpful if you provide reference for your answer.

21 02 2018

Andrew Kolomatski

To Hamza Bashir (sorry, niviuk, for answering instead of you). This resource grid is absolutely correct, no mistake. Please scroll down a little bit to my question at on 11/12/2017. The 36.211 specification really requires so.

20 02 2018

Hamza Bashir

Hi niviuk, Lte resource grid has been very helpful throughout my lte phy development. One thing I have noticed that when number of tx ports is set to one even then PDCCH reserves unused REs(probably for reference signals of second tx port ) which might never be the case.

17 02 2018


Merci infiniment !

05 02 2018


Hi, bands are now updated with 3GPP Rel 15 Dec 2017

30 01 2018


450MHz Band 72 has been added to ProSe bands in latest Release 15 36.101.

30 01 2018


Hi there, LTE 450MHz band 73 has been standardised in Release 15 for APAC in the meantime. See TR 36.759.

29 01 2018


Hi Benji, download csv issue from export band is fixed

26 01 2018

Throutput Vs SINR

Hi, First, thank you for the great job. Do you have informations about Throutput Vs SINR in LTE-A ? thanks

26 01 2018


Hey, I have problems when I try to download csv files from BANDs page. Best regards

05 01 2018


Hi Vince, when indicating a bandwidth check value, I don't know yet the band, and therefore the min and max bandwidth of that band. The script detects band 5 for arfcn 2525, and limits internally the bandwidth check to the min(requested,supported), in that case 10MHz, and the test is ok.With arfcn 2450, and bandwidth check 20MHz, the test is ok as well for 10MHz; with arfcn 2449, the test fails. I have anyhow added an indication when the script internally limits the bandwidth

04 01 2018


Hi, I am not sure how the bandwidth check works in LTE EARFCN calculator. It looks like it does not check the 36.101 Table 5.6.1-1: E-UTRA channel bandwidth . For EARFCN 2525 (band 5) it does not reject a 20MHz bandwidth. BR, Vince

12 12 2017


Added B42 for NBN Co. And a new page with 5G Dual Connectivity
101 .. 200