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Here is a frequency / arfcn caculator for LTE, UMTS, GSM and CDMA, and Carrier Aggregation combination info

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GSM : 1991 → UMTS : 2001 → LTE : 2011 → NR : 2020 ?

Release 1992 : Phase 1
1995 : Phase 2
Rel 96
Rel 97 : GPRS
Rel 98 : EDGE
Rel 99
Rel 4
Rel 5 : HSD
Rel 6 : HSU
Rel 7
Rel 8
Rel 9
Rel 10 : CA
Rel 11
Rel 12
Rel 13 : MTC
Rel 14
Rel 15 : Phase 1
Rel 16 : Phase 2
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